About eSUN

eSUN was originally founded in Shenzhe n in 2002, which is dedicated in R& D and industrialization of bio degradable polymers, such as PLA and PCL. Adhering to Open Innovation with several top universities and institutions, eSUN own three R&centers, which are syntheses, modification and application of polymers.

Since 2007, eSUN started to research 3D printing material, so far, eSUN successfully developed PLA, ABS, PVA(water soluble support filament), HIPS, PA, PCL, and PC filament etc . Since 2015, eSUN developed photopolymers for SLA/ DLP/ LCD 3D printing applications.

Best Quality , Reasonable Price is eSUN ‘s long term insistent policy . Because of these , eSUN 3D printing materials are very popular in the globe market with eSUN  brand  or OEM brands.  eSUN successfully established a stable winwin relationship s with many famous  3D printer manufacturers, distributors and resellers all over the world.


Why eSUN PLA filament is good?

eSUN is a professional filaments manufacturer and well known brand name among Shenzhen companies. eSUN’s filaments manufacturing process is well controlled and guaranteed high quality products. eSUN makes a global market of about 25-30% share. 40% in USA, 30% in Europe, and 30% in Asia and Pacific.(3D Printing Industry, 2018)